American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses Launches New Geriatric Web Resource, 8/3/07
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American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses Launches New Geriatric Web Resource

Cherry Hill, New Jersey ─ August 3, 2007 ─ The American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) is launching its Geriatric Resource Information page available at the ASPAN Website. This new section of the site is a continuation of ASPAN’s work with the Nurse Competence in Aging (NCA) initiative*.

The U.S. census estimates that there will be 40 million Americans age 65 years and older in 2010. With the aging of people in the world, and the prevalence of multiple diseases in that population, comes a new demand on perianesthesia nurses to provide quality healthcare that addresses the needs of older individuals. With the number or older adults receiving perianesthesia nursing care, perianesthesia nurses need to become more adept at recognizing the unique aspects of nursing the aged.

This link will provide perianesthesia nursing resources in reference to the care of older adults. ASPAN is ethically committed to advocating for geriatric patient safety and improving healthcare in the geriatric patient population served by our specialty. It is our sincere desire to increase the knowledge and critical thinking skills related to geriatric perianesthesia nursing practice and improve the geriatric perianesthesia nurses’ competencies.

According to ASPAN’s Web Fellow for the NCA project, Jennifer Allen, MSQSM, RN, CPAN, this new section of the ASPAN Web site will offer the most current information to our membership related to our aging patients.

The Geriatric Resource section includes the following features:

  • External Geriatric Links
  • ASPAN Geriatric Resources
  • ASPAN Geriatric Advanced Perianesthesia Competency in Pain and Comfort Research Project
  • Specialty Practice Group

Additional geriatric resources are available on the NCA Web site at

The American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) is the professional specialty nursing organization representing the interests of more than 55,000 nurses practicing in all phases of preanesthesia and postanesthesia care, ambulatory surgery, and pain management.

*Nurse Competence in Aging is a five-year initiative funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies (USA) Inc., awarded to the American Nurses Association (ANA) through the American Nurses Foundation (ANF), and represents a strategic alliance between ANA, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the John A. Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing, College of Nursing, New York University. Nurse Competence in Aging works with specialty nursing associations to bring geriatric knowledge to their membership and enhance members’ competence in aging.

For information contact: Linda Wilson PhD, RN, CPAN, CAPA, BC, CNE

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