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2017-2018 ASPAN Willingness-To-Participate Form

Click here to submit your 2017-2018 ASPAN Willingness to Participate Form
Submission Deadline:  October 31, 2016
    This Willingness-To-Participate Form is for ASPAN Members only. You must be logged into the Web site in order to open the online form.
  Enter the data requested as you wish it to appear in the directory.
  Only ACTIVE category and RETIRED category ASPAN members are eligible to serve on committees and SWTs.
  Only ACTIVE category members may serve as chair or coordinator.
  Individuals seeking reappointment to committees and SWTs must also complete this form EACH YEAR to be considered.
  If you are interested in seeking a position on the ASPAN Board of Directors, please contact the National Office directly by telephone or email.  Do not use the WTP form!
  Click here for a description of ASPAN Committees and Strategic Work Teams.



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