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ASPAN is currently offering a six-module Perianesthesia Certification Review bundle, as well as individual webinar modules on various topics. Click here for a description of the Perianesthesia Certification Review. Click here for the topics currently in the On-Demand Library.

How to Purchase

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ASPAN Perianesthesia Certification Review Bundle (Each of the six modules must be viewed in their entirety and the bundle evaluation must be completed and submitted to receive 8.10 contact hours.)

The Perianesthesia Certification Review Seminar bundle is a great resource for starting your review for both the perianesthesia certification exams (CPAN® & CAPA®) offered by the American Board of Perianesthesia Nursing Certification. A "Learner Paced" educational activity, you can take your time and review each module at your convenience. However, stopping a module and leaving the page will result in uncompleted modules restarting from the beginning. The Perianesthesia Certification Review Seminar bundle can be purchased with or without a copy of the ASPAN 2017-2018 Perianesthesia Nursing Standards, Practice Recommendations and Interpretive Statements. ASPAN Members receive a $10 discount on Standards with bundle purchase.

  • Overview of the Perianesthesia Certification Exams (length: 28:53)
  • Anesthetic Agents and Techniques (length: 2:09:06)
  • Special Populations (length: 2:15:22)
  • ASPAN Standards (length: 49:11)
  • Clinical Judgement in Perianesthesia Nursing (length: 58:48)
  • Test Taking Tips (length: 20:43)

ASPAN On-Demand Library (Each of the module must be viewed in their entirety and the evaluation must be completed and submitted to receive contact hours.)

  1. ASPAN Standards 2015-2017 (1.0 CH)
  2. Anesthetic Agents and Techniques (2.25 CH)
  3. Caring for the Obstetrical Patient (1.0 CH)
  4. PACU Assessment and Discharge Criteria (1.0 CH)
  5. Postanesthesia Complications and Emergencies (1.5 CH)
  6. Preanesthesia and Preoperative Assessment (1.0 CH)
  7. Special Populations (2.0 CH)
  8. Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Is Your Patient Drowning? (1.75 CH)
  9. Evidence Based Practice (EBP) (1.0 CH)
  10. Enhanced Recovery: Not Just Perianesthesia Care on Steroids! (1.25 CH)
  11. Is This Patient Ready For Discharge? (1.5 CH)
  12. Ultra Rapid Metabolizers: What PACU Nurses Need to Know About Drug Metabolism (1.25 CH)
  13. Fluid: Do You Know What You Are Hanging and Why? (1.25 CH)

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