Education Approval Process
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ASPAN Education Approval Program

The American Society of Perianesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC-COA).

The primary purpose of the ASPAN Approver Program is to review and to approve applications for continuing nursing education activities. This purpose is accomplished by providing a peer review approval process for reviewing applications and awarding contact hours when the operational requirements are met.

  • The documents below are required to meet ANCC-COA regulations. ALL FORMS must be completed and submitted to the ASPAN National Office before the approval process will begin.  Click here for a "FORMS CHECKLIST" to print out and help you keep track of required forms.

  • Please Note:  Due to new ANCC Regulations, applications submitted less than 60 days prior to activity date will no longer be accepted for review.

  • Please send completed forms via email to Eileen Zeiger,

  • VERY IMPORTANT - You must "Save and Rename" all forms below to your own computer prior to filling them in, or they will be in "Read Only" format. 

2017 REQUIRED FORMS: (Save all forms to your computer. The forms are Word documents and must be submitted to ASPAN as Word documents.)

Sample Brochure: The program Brochure must be pre-approved prior to distribution. The sample indicates required information, not required layout. Design is at your discretion; however the Accreditation Statement cannot have other text touching it; and the words "Accreditation Statement" must have a space before and after. Once your marketing materials are approved, we will provide a copy of the approver manual. Please note: A Save-the-Date flyer is NOT required if all of the information is available to complete your brochure.
Eligibility Form: The Nurse Planner must complete the Eligibility Form to verify eligibility requirements to act as the Nurse Planner for the program.
Application Form: The Nurse Planner completes the Application Form for the program confirming that all information is consistent with information on the Brochure and other required forms; i.e. all names and credentials must be identical on each form.
Please note:  if your program has more planners or presenters than there is room to list on this form, please contact the ASPAN office ( for a different form.
Conflict of Interest Form: A Conflict of Interest Form must be completed and submitted for ALL presenters and ALL planners.
Resume Template: A Resume or Curriculum Vitae  (CV) must be completed and submitted for ALL presenters and ALL planners. If a resume or CV is not able to be obtained, the Nurse Planner can use the template to compile the required information for the individual.
Individual Presenter Lecture Details Form: The Nurse Planner submits the Presenter Lecture Details Form to each presenter. After these forms are completed and returned to the Nurse Planner, the information from each lecture is compiled by the Nurse Planner onto the Program Lecture Details Form (below).
Program Lecture Details Form: The Nurse Planner compiles all information submitted from the presenters from the Presenter Lecture Details Forms onto this form. Extra rows not required can be removed from the form; and additional sections can be added if necessary. The Nurse Planner completes the information on the top of the form pertaining to the entire program; not the individual lectures.
Evaluation Form Template: An Evaluation Form must be submitted for the entire program. This sample indicates required layout.
Post Test: An outcome measure, a post test, is now required. You listed the outcome that you plan to measure on your brochure/flyer. Ask each of your speakers to give you two questions (multiple choice or true/false) on their presentations. During the conference you can ask the presenters to review the two questions at the end of their presentations. You will also summarize the results of this post test and submit it with your evaluation summary after the seminar. This will demonstrate that you measured the knowledge outcome for the program.
Sample Certificate: A sample of the Certificate that will be awarded at the completion of the program must be submitted. This sample indicates required information, not required layout.
Sample Participant Contact Information Form: A sample of the form that will be used to collect Participants' information must be submitted. Required information includes unique identifier number for each participant, name, address, city, state, zip, email address, and number of contact hours awarded.
Required Handout: A sample of the Required Handout that will be distributed to each participant at the program must be submitted. The handout must include each lecture title, lecture objectives, schedule, disclosure table and all required disclosure information.
Commercial Support Form: Commercial support is financial or in-kind contributions given by a commercial interest that are used to pay for all or part of the costs of a CNE activity.
Eligibility Commercial Interest Addendum:  Applicants should only complete this addendum if directed to do so by the Individual Educational Activity Applicant Eligibility Verification or by the Accredited Approver.


The  Brochure should be submitted for review as soon as it is completed.This can be done in advance and separate from the submission of the required forms. The Brochure must be pre-approved prior to distribution.
All forms must be completed and sent via email on the same day, to
Applications submitted less than 60 days prior to activity date will no longer be accepted for review.
An ASPAN Education Approver Team will be assigned to your program for review. The team leader will work with the program Nurse Planner until all forms meet ANCC requirements.
An Approval Letter indicating Direct Care (DC) or Indirect Care (IC) designations and number of Contact Hours will be sent to the Nurse Planner when the program is approved.
The Approval Letter lists the items that are required to be submitted to the ASPAN National Office after the program is held. These items must be received within 30 days of the program date to maintain the approval status.Items required include:
     » Number of attendees
     » Participant Information Form
     » Evaluation summary analysis
     » Copy of completed certificate
Submit fee to the National Office by check or credit card.
     » Fee Schedule as of January 1, 2016

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