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2013-2014 Calendar of Events
June 2013
 25 December JoPAN Copy Due
July 2013
 1 September/October Breathline Copy Due
 1 ASPAN Scholarship Applications Postmark Deadline
 10 October JoPAN Calendar Submission Deadline
 13 ASPAN National Conference SWT Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
 15 Deadline to Request ASPAN Seminar for Winter/Spring 2014
August 2013
 9-10 ASPAN Budget Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
 10-13 AANA Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
 17-18 NALA, Louisville, KY
 25 February JoPAN Copy Due
September 2013
 1 Agenda Items and Committee Reports Due for Midyear Board Meeting
 1 November/December Breathline Copy Due
 6-8 ASPAN Leadership Development Institute, Kansas City, MO
 10 December JoPAN Calendar Submission Deadline
October 2013
 1 ASPAN Board Candidate Nomination Packet Postmark Deadline
 6-10 ACS Congress, Washington, DC
 12-16 ASA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA
 16-20 ASPAN Standards & Guidelines SWT Meeting, Batesville, IN
 15 Celebrate Successful Practices Abstract Postmark Deadline for 2014 Conference
 15 Research & EBP Abstract Postmark Deadline for 2014 Conference
 31 2014-2015 Willingness-To-Participate Forms Online Deadline
November 2013
 1 January/February Breathline Copy Due
 8-10 ASPAN Midyear Board of Directors Meeting, New York, NY
 10 February JoPAN Calendar Submission Deadline
 15-17 NOA Fall Summit, Nashville, TN
 30 Postmark Deadline to nominate candidates for the Excellence in Clinical Practice Award and the Award for Outstanding Achievement
December 2013
 13-17 PGA-NYSSA, New York City, NY
 27 June JoPAN Copy Due
 31 Postmark Deadline for nominees of the Excellence in Clinical Practice Award and the Award for Outstanding Achievement to return Selection Criteria Forms
January 2014
 1 March/April Breathline Copy Due
 10  ASPAN Above and Beyond Service Recognition Submission Deadline
 10 April JoPAN Calendar Submission Deadline
 27 All Resolutions for 2014 Representative Assembly Due in National Office
February 2014
 1 Gold Leaf Component of the Year Award Submission Postmark Deadline
 1 Final Committee Reports and Agenda Items Due for April Board Meeting
 3-9 PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week (PANAW)
 15 Deadline to Request ASPAN Seminar for Summer/Fall 2014
 25 August JoPAN Copy Due
 26 Component Representatives Names Due in National Office for 2014 Representative Assembly Meeting
March 2014
 1 May/June Breathline Copy Due
 10 June JoPAN Calendar Submission Deadline
 TBD NIWI, Washington, DC
 28 2014 Online RA Meeting Materials E-mail Notification to Representatives
 29-Apr 2 AORN Congress, Chicago, IL
April 2014
 26 ASPAN Board of Directors Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
 27 ASPAN RA Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
 27-May 1 ASPAN 33rd Annual National Conference: Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
 30 ASPAN Research Grants Deadline
May 2014
 1 July/August Breathline Copy Due
For all certification and recertification online application windows and deadlines, please visit ABPANC’s Web site at www.cpancapa.org for complete information.
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