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ASPAN Governmental Affairs Strategic Work Team (SWT)

The Governmental Affairs (GA) SWT monitors and reviews federal and state laws, regulations and administrative actions affecting perianesthesia nursing and its practice.

The expansive U.S. political process necessitates the ASPAN GA SWT to concentrate on federal issues, while component GA representatives monitor and report back to the committee on local and state legislative


Please explore the advocacy resources provided on this page to learn more and network with your local ASPAN GA representative. If you have any interesting information, ideas or suggestions, please contact the GA SWT Coordinator.

The GA team goals are to:

  • Educate members regarding the legislative process
  • Provide an active communication network across ASPAN components and the grassroots membership
  • Offer timely legislative updates
  • Disseminate rapid notification for important healthcare legislation/policy matters of concern
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