Info for NIWI Participants
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Information for NIWI Participants

For those who attend the Nurse In Washington Internship (NIWI):

  • Work ahead of time and go prepared!
    • Take advantage of training materials that NOA provides to all registrants.
    • Meetings with your House Representative and Senators must be scheduled ahead of time.
    • Arrive to each meeting with a clear message. Legislators (or his/her respective legislative assistant) will ask for your solutions to the problem identified. Offer professional examples relating to the issue; have pertinent thoughts and ideas written and available for reference.
  • Business attire is a must.
  • Business cards are preferred. Be sure to have a supply of cards available for use.
  • NIWI begins on a Sunday with sessions held through Tuesday. Attendees generally arrive on Saturday night or early Sunday morning and depart after a closing reception held late Tuesday afternoon.
  • During the Sunday welcome session, each attendee gives a personal introduction to include her/his home state and specialty nursing organization.
  • NOA coordinates informational telephone conference calls prior to the NIWI meeting. Attendees have an opportunity to network and coordinate Capitol Hill visits with others from the same state. 

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