SPG Resource Manual
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SPG Resource Manual

Specialty Practice Group (SPG)
Resource Manual
August 2019

ASPAN Policies and Procedures  •  #14-010: Specialty Practice Group (SPG)
•  #14-100: Job Description, SPG Coordinator
•  #14-110: Job Description, SPG Vice-Coordinator
•  #14-200: National Office Support for SPGs
People and Resources •  ASPAN Board of Directors and Role of the Board Liaison
•  ASPAN National Office Staff List
•  Role of National Office Staff
Timelines and Deadlines •  Overview
•  Breathline Submission Guidelines
SPG Newsletter  •  Overview
•  SPG Newsletter Template
•  AMA Style Basics
•  Copyright / Permission to Reprint Statement
Bi-Annual Report •  Bi-Annual Report Form:
    º Due twice a year: February 1 and September 1
    º Download, complete and email to ASPAN President,
       ASPAN CEO, and your Board liaison.
•   Archive: SPG Board Reports
Membership •  Overview
•  Run a SPG Member List / Get Member Count /
   Send Blast E-mail

•  SPG Membership Application
ASPAN Web Site and SPG Web Page •  Overview
•  SPG Web Page Access Instructions


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