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Celebrate Strengths: Elevate Practice

January/February 2020


Amy Dooley, MS, RN, CPAN, CAPA
ASPAN President 2019-2020

Welcome to 2020! This is the time of year that some people make resolutions for the new year. I am not one of those people. The new year for me is time to go out and enjoy the snow, revel in the crisp dry air, and marvel at the purity of the freshly fallen snow. I realize that half the country does not have this opportunity, but perhaps you enjoy the sun, revel in the cooler temperatures, and reconnect with your snowbird friends.

ASPAN Standards & Guidelines Meeting
ASPAN continues to support perianesthesia nurses. We had a robust and dynamic Standards & Guidelines meeting in October, which brings together the brain trust of ASPAN. The level of re-search and evidence-based knowledge brought to this meeting is crucial to updating and incorpo-rating best evidence into the ASPAN Perianesthesia Nursing Standards, Practice Recommenda-tions and Interpretative Statements. And, in turn, this resource is critical to elevating perianesthe-sia practice. Look for the Standards update and recommendations to be presented for approval during the 2020 Representative Assembly at the ASPAN National Conference in Denver.

The Importance of the Standards Throughout Components
As I travel across the country speaking at component conferences, I come to truly understand the outreach ASPAN embodies. Many people have approached me to share their story of how ASPAN has helped them with their practice. The Standards are the “bible,” if you will, for the nurse to use to substantiate best practice. The information and feedback from the Clinical Practice Committee (CPC) is vital to espousing our standards and sharing best practice with perianesthe-sia nurses, ASPAN members or not. Forty-six percent of those asking questions of our CPC are not members, but tap into our network to gather our recommendations. 

ASPAN Strength and Support
The strength of perianesthesia nurses around the country to support one another cannot be put into words. The strength of our CPC reaches many. You see it at national conference where the yearly return of friends looks like a large family reunion. And, in fact, it might be considered that. You find evidence of support as the network is invoked when good and bad news is shared. Con-gratulations and condolences roll in at an amazing rate from those who are considered acquaint-ances and friends, warming the hearts of those intended.

ASPAN yields a remarkable return for its members. This return happens through best practices, the opportunity to volunteer matching your interest and skill, and, most importantly, the chance to network with others in a like situation and meet the “experts” at National Conference. My col-league who attended her first national conference last year was amazed, impressed and awestruck at the knowledge, the networking, and the warm welcome from everyone she met. This to me sums up our organization and why it is the greatest one of all!

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