2017 CSP Poster Boards
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2017 Celebrate Successful Practices (CSP)
Poster Boards

ASPAN's 36th National Conference
April 30 - May 4, 2017, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Click on the Board# below to view a pdf of the actual Poster Board
(Please note, all presenters DID NOT supply a pdf of their poster board.)

Board #1:   Nurse-Anesthesia Collaboration in Preadmission Testing To Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Board #2:   Preoperative Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Enhancing Perioperative Safety

Board #3:   Development of a Pre-op Pediatric Medication Administration Guideline for RN Callers

Board #7:  Hands-on Critical Care Knowledge and Clinical Judgment Skills for PACU Nurses An Evidence- Based Proposal for Change

Board #8:   Sustaining A CAUTI Prevention Bundle

Board #9:   To Void Or Not To Void

Board #17:  Improved Recovery With Tranexamic Acid: Up and Walking and Rarely Talking About Blood Transfusion

Board #21:  Stop Block & Roll: A Pre-Surgical RN Pilot Program

Board #24:  Multidisciplinary Team Approach Significantly Reduces Stat Calls, ICU Transfers, and Postoperatively Respiratory Failure Rates

Board #29:  Successful Implementation of an Intraprofessional Enhanced Recovery Protocol

Board #31:  The Successful Transition From an In-Person PPE Program Model to a Phone PPE Model

Board #34:  PACU Stroke Screening Process Improvement Project

Board #39:  Patient-Controlled Analgesia: Improving Patient Hand Off and Increasing Patient Safety

Board #40:  Boarding Pass: Improving Staff and Patient Engagement in the Pre-Procedure Verification Process

Board #42:  How the Effects of Timely Quality Communication Affects the Patient Experience

Board #44:  Communication Handoff Tool Improving Patient Safety and Patient OR Readiness

Board #46:  Connecting the Dots: Finding What Matters Most to Patients and Families

Board #49:  I Got Chills and I Am Losing Control: Resolving Performance Anxiety in New Nurse Grad

Board #50:  Integration of the ASPAN CBO into a Successful Curriculum

Board #51:  Development of a New Grad Orientation Program in a Pediatric PACU

Board #54:  Empowering PACU Nurses to Lead and Manage an Emergent Event

Board #55: Standardizing Central Venous Catheter Lab Collection Process to Reduce Risk of Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection

Board #56:  Solving the Mystery of Post Anesthesia Recovery Scores

Board #57:  A Standardized And Systematic Approach To Intravescicular Mitomycin–C Administration In The PACU

Board #58:  Beware! Live Virus in Oncologic Therapy: Talimogene Laherparepvec (TVEC) and Nursing Considerations

Board #63:  Does Mandatory Nursing Education on Malignant Hyperthermia Enhance Nursing Knowledge and Lead to Positive Patient Outcomes?  

Board #69: Hand Washing To Reduce Infections

Board #84:  Collaborating With Inpatient RN Colleagues: An Opportunity to Enhance the Preoperative and Postanesthesia Patient Experience

Board #87:  Knowledge is Power: Improving Patient Education About New Medication and Side Effects Prior to Discharge

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