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Emerging Leaders

ASPAN Program Evaluation

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Program is to provide interested ASPAN members with leadership role model and mentoring opportunities. This program is for ASPAN members who are looking for personal or professional support, from the grassroots to the national level. We believe your leadership goals can be accomplished by connecting perianesthesia nurses, at all levels of the organization, who desire to further their nursing career and their own professional development in the specialty by becoming a mentor or a mentee.

Please take a moment to evaluate the Emerging Leaders Program. This will help us to amend areas so we can improve and better meet the needs of those who seek personal or professional leadership growth and provide mentor feedback. Also important is the timeliness of our response to your inquiries and the quality of the information provided.

Part I: Demographic Data

What is your professional role? (Please check all that apply.)

If you choose Other, please describe:

If you are a Staff Nurse, indicate area.

If you choose Other, please describe:

If you are a Coordinator/ Manager, indicate area.

If you choose Other, please describe:

If you are a Staff Educator, indicate area.

If you choose Other, please describe:

How long have you been a nurse?

How long have you been a perianesthesia nurse?

Are you a CPAN® and/or CAPA® ?

How long have been an ASPAN member?

Part II: Satisfaction with Experience

1) My mentor was available to help me.

2) My mentor and I set goals pertinent to me.

3) I was able to progress toward my goals.

4) I was able to partially meet my goals.

5) I met all the goals I set.

6) The Emerging Leaders Program was helpful to me as a perianesthesia professional.

7) My mentor introduced me to the appropriate people in the organization to help me meet my goals.

8) This experience has encouraged me to pursue more professional growth.

9) My mentor cared about my goals.

10) I would recommend the program to colleagues.

11) Please help us to improve the Emerging Leaders Program. We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas for improvement based upon your experience.

Thank you for your comments. Your ideas, insight and feedback are essential to assure that we continue to provide a meaningful experience and program for our members.

All fields with a * must be filled in. If you do not see a confirmation screen after hitting send, please go back and make sure all * fields are completed.

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