Patient Information: Staying at the Facility
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Staying at the Facility

What will happen if I need to stay overnight?

When your surgery is over, the surgeon will speak with your family/friend to let them know how things went and how you are currently doing. If the surgeon decided you need to stay overnight or stay for a longer amount of time, you will be taken from the postanesthesia care unit (PACU), where you go after surgery, to your new room in the hospital. Your family/friend can meet up with you in your new room.

How should I get ready for my stay?

  • Leave anything that is important to you at home. Your personal belongings (wallet, phone, and purse) will be stored and kept safe while in surgery and then brought to you when you are done. Wear and bring only what you will need the day of surgery and after.
  • If you have completed an Advance Directive, Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Health Care Attorney, or a Living Will, bring it with you the day of surgery.
  • When you are in your room, you will meet your nurse and be shown how you can reach the nurse. The nurse will also help you become familiar with what is in your room, your call button and any other equipment that you might need to know about.
  • The nurse will go over what the doctor has ordered including your medications, what you can eat and how much activity you are allowed.

Will someone tell me what to do when I get home?

Before you leave and are sent home, you will be given written directions on what to do at home. The nurse will go over all your instructions with you. Your instructions will tell you about:

  • Activities you can do
  • What you are allowed to eat
  • The types of medicine you are taking
  • Anything specific that goes along with what type of surgery you had
  • When you should see your doctor again

The nurse will also make you aware of any signs to watch for that you may need to contact the doctor about. You may also be sent home with prescriptions from your doctor that you will need to get filled at a pharmacy.

YOU are a valuable role in your care and getting better, so it is very important that if you do not understand something that you ask questions and let the staff know how you are doing.


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