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2014 Research and Evidence Based Practice
Call for Abstracts

33rd ASPAN National Conference
April 27 - May 1, 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada

ASPAN’s 33rd National Conference in Las Vegas, NV, will feature abstracts/posters displayed in two categories:  the Research and Evidence Based Practice category and the Celebrate Successful Practices (CSP) category. There are very specific guidelines and requirements for each grouping. It is the members’ responsibility to select the appropriate category and to meet the appropriate calendar deadline for submission.

To read Research/EBP Abstracts that were presented at the 2013 National Conference, click here.

2014 Research and Evidence Based Practice Abstract Submissions
MUST be emailed by October 15, 2013

The ASPAN Research Committee provides active perianesthesia nurses with an opportunity to present previously completed, unreported, original research findings from studies pertaining to all phases of perianesthesia nursing. A choice of oral and/or poster format may be selected for the 2014 National Conference presentations. Oral papers will be presented during the “Oral Research Presentations” session. Poster display and poster grand round dates have yet to be determined. Dates will be posted here when the schedule is finalized. Poster presenters are required to be in attendance to answer questions during grand rounds. Posters for Research and Evidence Based Practice will be displayed together but marked to differentiate.

A copy of the Institutional Review Board approval letter must be submitted for research abstracts. The evidence based practice format may not require such approval. Those submitting oral and poster abstracts are given the opportunity to have their abstracts published in the June issue of the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing. Past issues of JOPAN may be helpful for abstract development. Other helpful resources are available in the Research section of ASPAN’s Web site.

If you are interested in presenting research and or evidence based findings, please submit an application for anonymous peer review. Research and evidence based practice evaluation tools are posted on the ASPAN website. Acceptance of abstracts is based on scientific merit and strict adherence to submission guidelines. All project contributors receive an award certificate. The Research Committee thanks you in advance for your interest, participation and support of perianesthesia research.

Important Research and EBP Abstract Information and Dates
If interested in presenting research and/or evidence based findings at the 33rd National Conference in Las Vegas, NV, please carefully follow the guidelines for abstract submission.

  • Complete and submit the ASPAN Research and/or Evidence Based Abstract Submission Form.
  • Presenter(s) must be identified on the Submission Form, and identified presenter(s) must be a current ASPAN member.
  • Submissions for Oral Paper Presentation and Poster Display Presentation MUST be EMAILED by October 15, 2013. Any submissions received after this date will be returned and not reviewed.
  • Applicants will receive notification from the reviewers by February, 2014.
  • Please read the required format for Research Abstracts and Evidence Based Practice Abstracts below:

Required Format for the RESEARCH Abstract

  • Title for the research presentation
  • Primary Investigator(s) name and credential
  • Institution/Hospital affiliation for the research, city and state 
  • Co-investigator(s) name and credentials
  • Body of the abstract to include the following:
    • Introduction
    • Identification of the problem
    • Purpose of the Study
    • Methodology
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Implications for perianesthesia nurses and future research

Required Format for the EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE Abstract

  • Title for the evidence based practice presentation
  • Primary Investigator(s) name and credential
  • Institution/Hospital affiliation, city and state
  • Co-investigator(s) name and credentials
  • Identification of the problem -Overview
  • EP Question/Purpose
  • Methods/Evidence
  • Significance of Findings/Outcomes
  • Implications for perianesthesia nurses and future research

Guidelines for Research and Evidence Based Practice Abstract Submission

  • Abstracts should be single-spaced. Please use a 12-point font. The following margins must be used:  top 1 inch; bottom 1 inch; left 1 inch; right 1 inch. Accuracy is critical.  (sample of abstract formatting)
  • The title should be printed in CAPITAL LETTERS, followed by the primary investigator’s name, credentials, and institution. You may list more than one primary investigator. Only the TITLE of the abstract should be in all capital letters.
  • The primary investigator(s) must be clearly identified. The first name, last name, and credentials should be included. Institution, city and state should follow the primary investigator’s name. List co-investigators including their first name, last name and credentials.
  • Leave two spaces before the body of the abstract. The body is not to exceed 350 words.
  • Submit two copies of the abstract.
    • One copy must be anonymous for peer review purposes.
    • One copy must have complete identification, indicating the primary investigator(s) and all co-investigators. Include credentials. All information will be printed as submitted.
  • Submissions will only be accepted via email. 
    Email: Attach both copies of the abstract and your Submission Form  and email to Eileen Zeiger at the ASPAN National Office.  (ezeiger@aspan.org)  Please be sure to include the words “Research Abstract Submission” or "EBP Abstract Submission" in the subject line of your email. Only acceptable formats for emailing include .doc, .docx, or .rtf.
  • Research submissions must include the IRB Approval letter. IRB Approval letters may be mailed if not available electronically. If emailed, IRB letters may be in pdf format.
  • Submission Deadline: Submissions MUST be emailed by October 15, 2013 to be considered. Submissions arriving after this deadline will not be reviewed and will be returned.
  • Notification of Acceptance: February, 2014.

The ASPAN Research Committee looks forward to receiving your abstract and thanks you in advance for your interest, participation and support in perianesthesia research.

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