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ASPAN Addressing Healthy Work Environments (HWE)
ASPAN President 2022-2023

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has created a non-negotiable Nurse Bill of Rights stating nurses work environments should be safe and prioritize nurses' wellbeing.1 The American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics for Nurses provides several provisions to guide nurses in their professional role and responsibilities to sustain a healthy workspace environment.1  Specifically, these three Provisions are Four, Five and Six.

“Provision Four: Assigns responsibilities to self for individual nursing practice and behavior.1 
Provision Five: Duties to self to maintain and develop personal and professional growth.1  
Provision Six: Each nurse’s responsibility to establish, maintain, and improve the workspace environment.”1 

ASPAN recognizes and actively advocates for perianesthesia nurses right to a healthy work environment (HWE). Perianesthesia nurses are the catalysts change agents for implementing and sustaining HWE’s. Perianesthesia nurses are committed change-makers, creating impactful differences each shift. The priority is now for ASPAN and Perianesthesia nurses to actively address nurse and patient safety. The science of safety and evidence highlight positive outcomes when nurses and patients are in healthy environments, everyone thrives. Our patients are safer. Nurse engagement increases, staff turnover and burnout decrease.

Each team member holds a responsibility of advocating and addressing healthy work environments (HWE). ASPAN has resources, toolboxes, whitepapers, campaigns, and initiatives on these pages addressing and developing HWE’s.


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Healthy Work Environments (HWE)

ASPAN Addressing and Advocating for Healthy Perianesthesia Nurses and Their Environment

Healthy Workplace Environments Safety Alert:  ASPAN President Connie Hardy Tabet and ASPAN's Collaborative Advocacy Strategic Work Team have launched a Safety Alert for Unhealthy Work Environments (i.e., incivility, bullying, workplace violence). How we treat one another matters! ASPAN has collaborated with AANA and AORN to identify mitigating factors that individuals and leaders can implement to increase civility. ASPAN is advocating for the safety of perianesthesia patients and you! Click here to learn more.

Perianesthesia Advocacy Toolbox

Perianesthesia Science of Safety

ASPAN Clean Air Campaign & WAGS Advocacy

Perianesthesia Advocacy Toolbox

Collaborative Advocacy SWT has created four short recorded educational videos for MEMBER access in ASPAN Learn. (On-Demand Videos and contact hours are available in ASPAN Learn.)

  • All Nurses are Advocates:  National Nursing Organization - Connie Hardy Tabet 
  • The Power of Nurses Voices - Elizabeth Card
  • ASPAN Collaborative Advocacy SWT – LeighAnn Chadwell 
  • Regional Director on Advocacy – Keisha Franks 

Advocacy Coaching Contact: Joni Brady,

Advocacy Narratives coming soon

Template for Advocacy coming soon

Collaborative Advocacy Resources 

  1. Advocacy Project:
  2. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:
  3. Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE):
  4. American Association of Nurse Practitioners State Practice Environment Map:
  5. American Nurses Association:
  6. American Nurses Association Advocacy Toolkit, Governmental Affairs:
  7. American Nurses Association. Code of Ethics for Nurses:
  8. American Nurses Association Policy & Advocacy
  9. American Public Health Association. Advocacy & Policy:
  10. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services:
  11. Child Health Advocacy Institute:
  12. Commonwealth Fund:
  13. Department of Health and Human Services:
  14. Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation:
  15. House of Representatives:
  16. Institute for Healthcare Improvement:
  17. Institute of Safe Medication Practice:
  18. International Council of Nurses:
  19. JACHO Peer-messenger program to improve effective communication:
  20. National Academy of Medicine:
  21. National Conference of State Legislatures:
  22. Nurse-Family Partnership NFP Nurse Advocacy Toolkit:
  23. Occupational Safety and Health Administration:
  24. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows Program:
  25. Senate:
  26. Trust for America’s Health:

Perianesthesia Science of Safety

Video Resources for Healthy Workplace Environments Series  (Coming soon...with contact hours in ASPAN Learn)
1.    Addressing Workplace Civility – Connie Hardy Tabet 
2.    De-Escalation – Stacy Apodaca
3.    Science of Safety - Elizabeth Card and Myrna Mamaril
4.    Creating the Culture You Want: Addressing Workplace & Social Biases - Re’Shonda Smith
5.    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Cohesive Work Environment - Alphonzo Baker
Mamaril M, Card E. Be the Perianesthesia Leadership Voice for the Science of Safety - It's More Than Just a Culture. J. Perianesth. Nurs. 2022;37(6);987-988

Card E, Hardy Tabet C, Krenzischek D. An introduction to the AANA, AORN, and ASPAN joint civility position statement.  J. Perianesth. Nurs. 2022;37(3):294-295. doi:10.1016/j.jopan.2022.02.007

ASPAN Clean Air Campaign & WAGS Advocacy