ASPAN Above & Beyond Service Recognition

The 2024 Nomination Deadline was January 10, 2024.

Service Excellence

The ASPAN Above & Beyond Service Recognition Awards are given to individuals in recognition of exemplary service to ASPAN and/or their component. Recipients of this honor/award demonstrate an attitude of excellence, teamwork, and go "Above and Beyond" the expectations of their job/duties.

Award Criteria

  1. Makes a significant, positive impact on ASPAN, ASPAN Components or a colleague as evidenced through collaboration, esprit de corps in a project, etc. Examples (but not limited to) include: helping a colleague with hands on work of creating a research/EBP project, setting up a study group for certification examination, taking over conference tasks due to an emergency or resignation, being the “go to person” who can answer questions about ASPAN Standards.
  2. Makes a significant contribution to the current work of ASPAN, or ASPAN Component. Examples (but not limited to) include: a committee or SWT member accepting an extra assignment at the last moment, strong commitment in encouraging membership, certification, etc.  
  3. Makes a positive impact on service excellence in the promotion of ASPAN or ASPAN Component in the community or the workplace. Examples (but not limited to) include: organizing PANAW Celebration at workplace, organizing a fundraiser for local charities, working at local health fairs, speaking at community groups on health related topic, speaking to student nurses and promoting ASPAN. 


  • Award recipients are eligible to receive only one ASPAN Above & Beyond award per year. If an individual receives multiple nominations, each approved nomination will be noted on the certificate.
  • Nominations may be made by any ASPAN member. An individual cannot nominate themself.
  • Only nominations for individuals will be accepted (groups or entire committees will not be accepted.)
  • Only online nominations will be accepted.
  • Information required for nomination should include:
    • A description of the nominee's commitment/service to ASPAN or their component using the above criteria.
    • An explanation of how the nominee has performed above and beyond the expected level of performance.
  • Nominations for the 2024 ASPAN Above & Beyond Award must be received by January 10, 2024.
  • You must be a current ASPAN member to submit a nomination, and you must be logged into the Web site first for the online nomination form to recognize you as a current member.


  • All nominees will receive:
    • A certificate
    • Name in Syllabus at National Conference
  • The top 10 nominees selected by a review committee will receive:
    • Recognition at National Conference
    • A commemorative pin
    • A Certificate
    • Recognition in Breathline

2023 Above and Beyond Award Winners

Lacey Allemand, TAPAN
Debra Bennett, NEVPANA
Bethany Biardi, AZPANA
Lori Erni, NPANA
Brian Harradine, PANAC
Cindy Ladner, MOKANPANA
Kate Mooney, PANAC
Jose Planillo, NJBPANA
Kathy Sandel, NCAPAN
Nancy Strzyzewski, MAPAN