2024 Gold Leaf Component of the Year Award

Check back here in the near future for the 2024 Gold Leaf Application.
Submission Deadline:  February 1, 2025

Purpose of the Award

  • to recognize excellence in component leadership and member development, communication, education services and community relations;
  • to encourage quality component management;
  • to recognize with distinction and visibility the efforts and results of meaningful activities that build a strong component;
  • to benchmark standards.

Your Reward

  • $500.00 and a plaque presented at the ASPAN 44th National Conference in Dallas, Tx
  • Recognition in Breathline and the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing
  • A book or publication on perianesthesia nursing of the Component’s choice, for use by the Component for member benefits or recruitment efforts
  • Ribbons for all Component Members at National Conference signifying their membership in the Component of the Year

Eligibility and Entry Preparation

  • Any chartered ASPAN Component may submit an entry.
  • The entry form must be completed by the Component President or designee selected by the Component President. If you are not the one who will be completing this application for your Component, please be sure to pass the entire package along to the appropriate individual.
  • Complete the application based on your Component activities from January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024.
  • Shortly after the first of the year, the ASPAN National Office will supply Component membership reports as of 12/31/24 to aid in answering questions.
  • Entry MUST be typed in the exact format provided.
  • Include all required documentation either in the application packet or on your website.If a password is required to view documents on your website, it must be submitted with your application. If the reviewers cannot access your online documents, they will not be considered in your review.
  • Please limit your answers to the spaced provided. If necessary to exceed the space, please include the additional information on a blank page.
  • Please include all required documentation either in the application packet or on your website.
  • IMPORTANT:  All attachments MUST BE marked to indicate which question they are documenting. All unmarked documents will be discarded and will not be considered in the review process.
  • When preparing your entry, please keep in mind that we will be making copies for reviewers. Do not put your entries in sleeves or other formats that would make this process difficult.
  • A Component may receive this award only once every three years.
  • All entries will become the property of ASPAN and will not be returned.
  • The winner of Gold Leaf Component of the Year is determined by the cumulative total of points earned.
  • The ASPAN Membership/Marketing Coordinator will contact the Component President or designee if any documentation is needed.


Completed, typed form must be postmarked by February 1, 2025, and mailed to: ASPAN, Gold Leaf Component of the Year, 90 Frontage Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-1424. Entries may also be submitted via email or USB, but documents that cannot be saved electronically must still be mailed in.

Check back here in the near for future for the 2024 Gold Leaf Application.

Past Gold Leaf Component of the Year Winners

  • 2023 - MASPAN
  • 2022 - PANAC
  • 2021 - TAPAN
  • 2020 - WISPAN
  • 2019 - PAPAN
  • 2018 - TAPAN 
  • 2017 - OPANA
  • 2016 - MOKANPANA
  • 2015 - KSPAN
  • 2014 - TAPAN
  • 2013 - ILSPAN
  • 2012 - NYSPANA
  • 2011 - KSPAN
  • 2010 - TAPAN
  • 2009 - OPANA 
  • 2008 - PAPAN
  • 2007 - RMPANA
  • 2006 - OSPAN
  • 2005 - MASPAN
  • 2004 - PANAC
  • 2003 - MAPAN
  • 2002 - NYSPANA
  • 2001 - NAPAN
  • 2000 - PANAC
  • 1999 - CBSPAN
  • 1998 - AzPANA
  • 1997 - NCAPAN
  • 1996 - TAPAN
  • 1995 - FLASPAN