Message from the President

Fulfilling the Dream with Foresight Vision
A World of Belonging, Innovation, and Solutions

September/October 2023

Alphonzo Baker Sr., DNP, RN, CAPA
ASPAN President 2023-2024

Dear perianesthesia nurses,

I want to start by thanking you for your dedication and hard work in providing safe and efficient care to our patients. You are the backbone of our healthcare system and your role in ensuring patients are comfortable and prepared for surgery is crucial. As we navigate through an uncertain and evolving healthcare landscape, I ask you to continue to draw on your expertise and create solutions to the challenges we face. Innovative thinking and forward-looking approaches will help us to overcome the obstacles and preserve the availability of high-quality care.

I am reminded of the story of Florence Nightingale who is considered the pioneer of modern nursing. Recognized for her innovation, she was able to transform care for patients in the midst of the Crimean War. Her efforts led to the establishment of nursing as a profession and to major reforms in healthcare.1

Today, we too, are facing unprecedented challenges in healthcare, and it is our responsibility to create solutions to address the needs of our patients. I encourage you to use your collective knowledge and expertise to deliver care that is innovative, compassionate, and goes beyond the expected. Our patients come to us looking for solutions to their health problems. As perianesthesia nurses, you're in a prime position to address their concerns and make a significant impact on their lives. Let us continue to work together, encouraging a spirit of collaboration, compassion, and innovation that has sustained us through challenging times and will continue to benefit our patients.

In conclusion, I want to thank you again for your continued dedication to our patients and for your commitment to finding innovative solutions for the challenges we face. Let us proudly carry on our nursing legacy and create a brighter future for healthcare.


  1. “The lady with the lamp” and her contributions to modern nursing. UT Health San Antonio. February 25, 2015. Accessed July 27, 2023.


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