Message from the President

Caring Actions through the Science of Safety 

March/April 2023

ASPAN President 2022-2023

“One person seeking glory doesn't accomplish much. Success is the result of people pulling together to meet common goals.”1
- John C. Maxwell


Heart-Centered Compassionate Leadership
Caring leadership introduced you to my year-long theme on “Heart and Science of Caring - Collaboration. Advocacy. Purpose. Excellence.” Each article offers focused insights of looking inward, then outward. The gift of a compassionate, optimistic, and grateful mindset are proven approaches for elevating caring values and virtues for belonging. We are all accountable for transforming perianesthesia care into action.

The President’s Journey
A summary of themes from my ASPAN mentors suggested throughout my presidential term to cherish your advocating year as ASPAN’s 42nd president. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Practice courage to lead effective teams. It will be an exceptionally challenging experience. Everyone has an opinion. Do what is best for our society.
Indeed, I have treasured the extraordinary experience and learning moments. It has been a unique opportunity to contemplate innovative ideas and think strategically. We reviewed our ASPAN thinking, highlighted our shared purpose and “why,” listed our organizational intentions and delivered on promises of growth. Collaboratively, we can show up, contribute, and take action for causes. Our members want to be valued, seen, and heard. My own purpose is to inspire nursing science through caring actions.

Rearranging ASPAN’s Box
John C. Maxwell said, “Growth inside fuels growth outside,”2 and “No change means no growth.”2 Our society rearranged the inside of our ASPAN box. It is through our purposeful internal activities we can view the exterior of our perianesthesia box. As kindhearted caregivers, we can compassionately understand it is what is inside of us that counts. We can embody our core values and remain courageous, empowered, and distinguished contributors to encourage grassroots activism. We are inquisitive perianesthesia warriors and insightful leaders. Remain heartened to dare to care for oneself and others. We value new ideas and acknowledge individual differences to foster a sense of belonging to ASPAN. Make the caring moments be the difference.

Dynamic Collaborators
Synergism among team members shows parallel engagement. This creates bigger impacts with higher success rates. ASPAN needs dynamic collaborators. This caring collaboration yields educational opportunities, practice standards, recommendations and competency-based orientation resources, joint projects with other colleagues, and development of quality teams through the science of safety. Partnerships inspire clarity of shared purposes bringing members closer together with society mission statements and visions, core values, and goals to deliver micro and macro acts improving organizational outcomes.

Science of Safety
Looking at my framed degree certificate, Master of Science in Nursing, provided me a moment to pause and consider the word science as it surrounds our profession and why this matters. Safer nursing practices lays the groundwork for the integration of the science of safety concepts.3 The nursing literature contains a wealth of resources on the safety of science concepts and how they can be introduced and utilized for healthy work environments (HWE). The science of safety (SoS) is the basis of a caring culture. SoS increases well-being, team productivity and catalyzes the cues of caring, security and safety.3,4,5 The SoS for HWE acts as a safety net and an impactful change agent for educating healthcare staff. The information has been prominent. All it takes is courageous voices to transform science into deliberate actions for positive changes. 
Successful healthcare teams function at their healthiest when they are based on an integrated framework directed at improving solutions such as the “duties and justices of just culture.”3 Toxic tolerance is not a viable option for improving healthcare outcomes. Aim to be challenged, coached, and mentored. This benefits your fellow nurses, staff, and the best care for patients. We all need to provide psychological safety towards others and ourselves, and this increases resilience for caregivers.3 When you inspire actions of giving, caring, and belonging, engagement will most likely result. Adopt the science of safety as an accessible perianesthesia resource for our professional leadership. Caring voices matter for growing healthy work environments.

Bright Future
It has been a joy and honor to serve while leading as the ASPAN president. I have been privileged to meet perianesthesia colleagues, engage in meaningful collaborations, expand professional networks, energize friendships, listen and learn, while making my own unique contribution. I extend heartfelt gratitude to all ASPAN members, the National Office staff, and the caring dedication from each of you to our nursing specialty. ASPAN’s radiant torch will continue to glow with Alphonzo Baker, serving as our next president. Perianesthesia nurses are the passionate fuel that burns brighter to illuminate our future. Be caring. Be bright!


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