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A Competency Based Orientation and Credentialing Program for the Unlicensed Assistive Personnel in the Perianesthesia Setting  - 2012 Edition

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This program provides a comprehensive format for assessing the competency and skill of unlicensed assistive personnel.  Written by perianesthesia experts, this manual provides an easy to use orientation packet that can be utilized again and again as practice refreshers or for future orientees. 

The program includes twenty one (21) chapters for the learner that are written with competency statements, bibliography, related questions, answers and documentation tools in a format meeting Joint Commission requirements.  Pages from the manual may be placed into any binder for individual use, allowing the user to add information pertinent to a particular unit/institution.

In this version, the 2007 edition chapters were updated.  Additionally, a chapter on Transcultural Care has been added. 

Program Format:

  • Flash drive:  each flash drive contains a full .pdf file of the program as well as 21 separate chapter .pdf files for easy access by the user
    - OR -
  • Hard copy:  printed on three-hole paper / shrink-wrapped

Price (for either format):

  • ASPAN member price:  $60.00
  • Non-member price: $105.00

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