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ASPAN Group Membership Program

The best available resources can help ensure the best patient outcomes. That’s one reason employers should consider providing their nurses in pre- and post-operative patient care with membership to the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN).

ASPAN provides its members with the latest in perianesthesia education, research, and clinical expertise. Facilities, in turn, enjoy having some of the most dedicated, best-educated perianesthesia nurses as employees. We even offer discounts to facilities that purchase 25 or more membership at a time.

To learn more about ASPAN’s Group Membership Program and how to begin a group membership, please contact Doug Hanisch, ASPAN’s Marketing and Communications Manager, at dhanisch@aspan.org. We look forward to hearing from you.

ASPAN Member Benefits include:
  • $110 off CPAN and CAPA certification exam fees
  • Free subscription to Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing   
  • Major discounts on education, publications, National Conference, and more
  • Free online access to Joanna Briggs Institute’s medical databases
  • Free subscription to Breathline, our member newsletter
  • Free contact hours each year
  • Collaboration with colleagues, in person and online
  • Component/State membership and related benefits
  • Scholarships and research grants
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