2024 Research/EBP/QI Abstracts and Posters

ASPAN's 43rd National Conference
April 14-18, 2024, Orlando, Florida

The Clinical Inquiry posters were judged at National Conference by members of the Clinical Inquiry Committee. These are the top standouts for each category:

In the QI Category:

  1. Implementing Standardized Post-Surgical Follow-up Calls in Outpatient Surgery
  2. Preoperative Screening Of Missing Surgical Documents Prior to Day Of Surgery Reduces Surgery Delay Times
  3. Rolling in Smiles: The Implementation of a Pediatric Toy Cart in the Perianesthesia Care Setting

In the EBP Category:

  1. Just in Time: Improving Perioperative Checklist Performance in the Cath Lab
  2. Strategies for Promoting and Improving Certification Among Perianesthesia Nurses
  3. Implementation of Pediatric Emergence Delirium (PAED) Scale

In the Research Category: (due to only 6 submissions)

  1. Intravenous Versus Oral Acetaminophen for Post-Tonsillectomy Pain in Children: Which Route Leads to Better Outcomes?
  2. Effectiveness of Perioperative Nurse Navigators on the Incidence of Inpatient Preoperative Readiness

Board #1:  Rolling in Smiles: The Implementation of a Pediatric Toy Cart in the Perianesthesia Care Setting
•  Poster
Contact:  Karina Bridges BSN RN
National Institute of Health, Perianesthesia Care Unit, Bethesda, MD

Board #2:  Promoting Patient-Centered Care: A Protocol to Increasing Hospital Capacity
•  Poster
Contact:  Lillyann Rowe MSN RN CPAN CCRN PHN
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Board #3:  PACU Pause: Time for Patient Safety
•  Poster
Contact:  Ava Lester MSN RN CNOR CNAMB
Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL

Board #4:  Perianesthesia Staffing and Practice Recommendations
•  Poster
Contact:  Theresa Clifford DNP RN CPAN CAPA FASPAN FAAN
Northern Light Mercy Hospital, Portland, ME

Board #5:  Reducing Urinary Catheterizations After Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
•  Poster
Contact:  Chrystal Maki BSN RN CPAN
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Board #6:  Providing Education to Reduce Corneal Abrasions in Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery
•  Poster
Contact:  Tracey Dillon MSN RN
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Board #7:  Blending PACU Workflow by Merging Phase 1 and 2
•  Poster
Contact:  Mary Ellis BSN RN
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston MA

Board #8:  Same Day Recovery Program (SDRP) for Total Hip and Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients in a Perianesthesia Setting
•  Poster
Contact:  Christina Allison BSN RN CAPA CPAN
Barnes Jewish West County Hospital, Creve Coeur, MO

Board #9:  Applying ERAS Concepts For Patients Undergoing Same Day Lap Chole
•  Poster
Contact:  Adriana Torres MSN CNL
Kaiser Permanente Vallejo, Post Anesthesia Unit, Vallejo, CA

Board #10:  Just in Time: Improving Preoperative Checklist Compliance in the Cardiac Cath Lab
•  Poster
Contact:  Laura Ortiz Carter MSN CCRN RNC-OB C-EFM
Houston Methodist Hospital-Baytown, Baytown, TX

Board #11:  Let’s Get to the Core of the Score: A Performance Improvement Project to Achieve Normothermia in Preoperative Area
•  Poster
Contact:  Racquel Rostata RN CAPA
Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX

Board #12:  Perioperative Patient Handoff  
•  Poster
Contact:  Janey Farish MSN RN
Apple Hill Surgical Center, York, PA

Board #13:  Empowering Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Streamlining the Ambulatory Peri-operative Check in Process for U
•  Poster
Contact:  Viola Mena MSN RN CNS
Outpatient Surgery Center, UCLA Health Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA

Board #14:  Improvement on Pain Audit Compliance: A Journey to Success
•  Poster
Contact:  Marilou Magnaye MSN RN CCRN
Penn State Health Hampden Medical Center, Enola, PA

Board #15:  Implementation of Pediatric Emergence Delirium (PAED) Scale
•  Poster
Contact:  Hasima Hajdini MHCOE BSN RN CPN
St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Saint Louis, MO

Board #16:  Preoperative Screening Of Missing Surgical Documents Prior to Day Of Surgery Reduces Surgery Delay Times
•  Poster
Contact:  Thuji Lhamu DNP APRN AGCNS-BC CMSRN
Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, CA

Board #17:  Perceptions of Certification Value by Nurses in an Orthopedic Hospital
•  Poster
Contact:  Christine AF Bell PhD RN CAPA WCC
New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, MA

Board #18:  Orientation Navigators: Leading the Way Through Mentorship
•  Poster
Contact:  Gloriana Lucido BSN RN CMSRN
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Josie Robertson Surgery Center, New York, NY

Board #20:  Pre-warming Surgical Patients
•  Poster
Contact:  Casey Orr MSN RN CAPA
Indiana University Health, Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

Board #21:  Preparing Surgical Services for Emergencies Using Simulations and Role Delineation
•  Poster (not provided)
Contact:  Tabitha Negrete MSN RN
Virtua Health Voorhees, NJ

Board #22:  Strategies in Promoting and Increasing Certification Among Perianesthesia Nurses 
•  Poster
Contact:  Marie Graziela Bautista MSN RN CPAN CAPA
Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

Board #23:  Screening Colonoscopy: Your Gut Will Thank You for It
•  Poster
Contact:  Ashley A Lemmon MSN RN CAPA
Advocate South Suburban Hospital, Hazel Crest, IL

Board #24:  PACU Nurses' Perception and Experience with Postoperative Discharge Calls
•  Poster (not provided)
Contact:  Maria Saraceni BSN RN CPAN
New York Presbyterian Weill-Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY

Board #25:  Optimizing Patient Pain Control in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit by Initiating Epidural PCA Pumps in the Operating Room
•  Poster
Contact:  Angela Patruno BSN CPAN RN-BC
New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY

Board #26:  Improving Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability of Nasal Cannula Oxygen Delivery in the Recovery Room
•  Poster
Contact:  Maria Deda BSN RN-BC
New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell New York, NY

Board #27:  Documented Sustained Response of Intravenous Amisulpride for Rescue Treatment of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting: Results from a Phase III Trial
•  Poster
Contact:  Edith Liang PharmD BCCCP
Baylor Scott and White Health, Temple, TX

Board #28:  Change in Process for Application of Sequential Compression Devices
•  Poster
Contact:  Sharon Larson MSN RN CMSRN CPAN CAPA
Chester County Hospital, West Chester, PA

Board #29:  Decreasing Burnout: One Unit’s Story of Small Process Improvements Which Impacted Nurse Well-Being
•  Poster
Contact:  Michael Walker BSN RN CCRN-K CNML
University of Michigan Health, Ann Arbor, MI

Board #30:  Patient Experience Quality Improvement Project at WKBH Surgical Department
•  Poster
Contact:  Nina Espino MSN RN CCRN
Baptist Health South Florida, Miami, FL

Board #31:  Intravenous Versus Oral Acetaminophen for Post-Tonsillectomy Pain in Children: Which Route Leads to Better Outcomes?
•  Poster
Contact:  Christopher Kremer BA BSN RN CAPA
University of Virginia Medical Center, Charlottesville, VA

Board #32:  Timing of Postoperative Education
•  Poster
Contact:  Samantha Brant BSN RN CPN CAPA
Children's Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO

Board #33:  From Paper to Pixels: Revolutionizing Nursing Education through a Digital Learning Management System
•  Poster
Contact:  Mark Templonuevo BSN RN CVRN-BC
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Board #34:  Post-Operative Surgical Team Handoff to Bedside PACU Nurse
•  Poster
Contact:  Jessica Iwaszek BSN RN 
UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital (UCH), Aurora, CO

Board #35:  Reducing Preoperative Causes of Delays in First Surgical Cases:A Quality Improvement Project
•  Poster
Contact:  Dessa Fortuno Bondoc MAN RN CPAN CAPA
Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (RLA), Downey, CA

Board #36:  Feasibility of Auricular Acupressure in Post-Surgery Bariatric Patients to Reduce Food Cravings, Anxiety and Increase Autonomy and Implications for Perianesthesia Nurses
•  Poster (not provided)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Board #37:  Improving PACU Throughput: Expediting Phase I Care
•  Poster
Contact:  Maria Liza V. Anicoche MSN RN ACNS-BC CPAN CAPA
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Board #38:  ASEPT Drainage Kit Education
•  Poster
Contact:  Stacia Webb MSN RN CPAN CAPA
NYU Langone Hospital, Long Island, NY

Board #39:  Implementing Standardized Post-Surgical Follow-Up Calls in Outpatient Surgery
•  Poster
Contact:  Anne Speer BSN RN
University of Maryland School of Nursing, Baltimore, MD

Board #40:  Effectiveness of Perioperative Nurse Navigators on the Incidence of Inpatient Preoperative Readiness
•  Poster
Contact:  Kimberly Ports BSN RN
Veterans Affairs Hospital Dallas, TX

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