Evidence Based Practice

      ASPAN’s Evidence Based Practice Model

The ASPAN EBP Conceptual Model provides the blueprint to guide future perianesthesia specialty practice research. The intent of creating this model was to define the rigorous scientific process necessary to promulgate clinical practice, education, and management guidelines that are based on the best available evidence. Furthermore, this EBP process establishes a consistent operating framework to rate and weigh the available evidence. Understanding and managing the barriers of translating evidence into practice at the grassroots level is crucial to successful outcomes. Collaborating with other key professional nursing and medical organizations further promotes the optimal acceptance and use of EBP in daily nursing practice. Finally, dissemination of EBP and clinical practice guidelines is vital to ensuring that perianesthesia care is prudently grounded in the best available evidence and is easily validated by those outside of the organization.

(Mamaril ME, Ross JM, Krenzischek D, Clark M, Clifford T, Hooper V. The ASPAN’s EBP conceptual model: Framework for perianesthesia practice and research. J Perianesth Nurs. 2006:21(3);157-167). 

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