2024 Celebrate Successful Perianesthesia Practices

ASPAN 43rd Annual National Conference
April 14-18, 2024, Orlando, Florida

Submission Deadline for Abstract Submission for Consideration for Poster and/or Oral Presentation was October 15, 2023.  Check back here in July for the 2025 Call for Abstracts.

ASPAN’s 43rd National Conference in Orlando, Florida, will feature abstracts/posters displayed in two categories: the Celebrate Successful Perianesthesia Practices (CSPP) category and the Clinical Inquiry (Research/EBP/QI) category. There are very specific guidelines and requirements for each grouping. To ensure you are submitting in the correct category, please read the requirements for a Clinical Inquiry (Research/EBP/QI) abstract submission prior to submitting your CSPP Abstract. It is the submitter’s responsibility to select the appropriate category and to meet the appropriate calendar deadline for submission. 

"Celebrate Successful Perianesthesia Practices" is your opportunity to present great ideas that you have found to be successful at the grass roots level, and share them with ASPAN colleagues. Patient education, process improvements, improved patient care, leadership strategies, and staff education are just a few of the topics you may want to consider. Topics may be derived from any successful practice related to perianesthesia nursing. 

Carefully follow the guidelines for abstract submission. Abstracts will undergo an anonymous peer review process by a team of reviewers who will examine your abstract for specific criteria. Ensure your abstract clearly describes your project and the results achieved by your team. If your abstract is accepted, you will be assigned to either a poster presentation or be invited to participate in a Celebrate Successful Perianesthesia Practices PowerPoint Presentation/Discussion in addition to your poster presentation. If you are selected for an Oral presentation you will be asked to present a 10-minute PowerPoint Presentation of your successful practice followed by 5 minutes of questions and discussion with the audience. 

Important Dates

  1. Submissions MUST be emailed by October 15, 2023. Any submissions received after this date will be returned and not reviewed.
  2. Your main contact will be notified of acceptance to either poster session or oral and poster presentation by January 2024.
  3. A pdf or PowerPoint slide of your finished poster must be submitted to the National Office by March 25, 2024.

Required Information Form

  • Presenter(s) must be identified on the Required Information Form and at least one identified presenter must be a current ASPAN member.
  • The Main Contact listed on the Required Information Form will be the individual that ASPAN will contact with any questions, and also the individual who will be notified of acceptance.
  • Be sure to check off either Poster or Oral and Poster preference.

Financial Relationship Disclosure

  • Complete a Financial Relationship Disclosure for the main contact. 
  • Because ASPAN awards contact hours for viewing and evaluating the poster boards, a Financial Relationship Disclosure must be submitted for your Main Contact.

Abstract Submission Template

  • Only abstracts that include the content outlined in the format requirements below will be reviewed. Please use the CSPP Abstract Submission Template to format your abstract. The body of the content must not exceed 350 words. The total word count does NOT include the information at the top of the abstract or the headings in the body. The abstract must include the following information:
    • Title
    • Team leader(s) and credentials
    • Affiliation, city and state
    • Team member(s) and credentials
    • Body of Abstract to include:
      • Background information related to problem identification
      • Objectives of project
      • Process of implementation
      • Statement of the successful practice
      • Implications for advancing the practice of perianesthesia nursing

​​​​PDF or PowerPoint Slide of Poster

  • If accepted, submission of a pdf or PowerPoint slide of your final poster is required by March 25, 2024 to be emailed to This will be posted on the ASPAN website after conference along with your abstract and contact information.

Submitting your Abstract

  1. Complete the CSPP Required Information Form
  2. Complete a Financial Relationship Disclosure for the main contact.
  3. Complete the CSPP Abstract Submission Template.
    1. Abstracts should be single-spaced. Please use a 12-point font. The following margins must be used:  top 1 inch; bottom 1 inch; left 1 inch; right 1 inch.
    2. The title should be printed in Bold Letters.
    3. The team leader(s) must be clearly identified. The first name, last name, and credentials should be included. At least one team leader must be an ASPAN member. Institution, city and state should follow the team leader’s name. List other teams members including their first name, last name and credentials.
    4. The body must not exceed 350 words.Submit two copies of the abstract.
      • One copy must be anonymous for peer review purposes.
      • One copy must have complete identification, indicating the team leader and all team members. Include credentials. All information will be printed as submitted.
    5. Submissions will only be accepted via email. 
    6. Email: Attach your Abstract, your anonymous Abstract, your Financial Relationship Disclosure, and your Required Information Form, and email Eileen Zeiger at the ASPAN National Office, Please be sure to include the words “CSPP Submission” in the subject line of your email. Only acceptable formats for emailing are .doc or .docx. Abstracts submitted in .pdf format will not be accepted.
    7. After submitting your abstract via email, you will receive a return email confirming receipt. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 48 hours, please resubmit.
    8. If your abstract is accepted for presentation, submit a pdf or PowerPoint slide of your final poster by March 25, 2024 to
    9. Submission Deadline: Submissions MUST be emailed by October 15, 2023 to be considered. Submissions arriving after this deadline will not be reviewed and will be returned. Notification of Acceptance: January, 2024.


(All forms must be completed and emailed before the abstract will be reviewed. Email submission to Please be sure to put CSPP Abstract Submission in your email subject line.)

  1. 2024 Celebrate Successful Perianesthesia Practices Required Information Form
  2. 2024 Celebrate Successful Perianesthesia Practices Financial Relationship Disclosure
  3. 2024 Celebrate Successful Perianesthesia Practices Abstract Submission Template

Please note:

  • Celebrate Successful Perianesthesia Practices is intended to be an interactive poster session with at least one member of the project team present to answer questions during Grand Rounds. Acceptance of your poster is conditional pending this verification. If you receive a letter of acceptance you will be asked to confirm which member of the team will be present during Grand Rounds.
  • A successful practice that generates a lot of interest and discussion at National Conference may prompt you to consider writing an article on your chosen topic for the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing.
  • Abstracts which contain graphs or images, or exceed the word count, will not be reviewed.