Above and Beyond
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ASPAN Above & Beyond Service Recognition

The Nomination Deadline was January 10, 2019.  Thank you!

Service Excellence

The ASPAN Above & Beyond Service Recognition Awards are given to individuals in recognition of exemplary service to ASPAN and/or their component. Recipients of this honor/award demonstrate an attitude of excellence, teamwork, and go "Above and Beyond" the expectations of their job/duties.

Award Criteria

  1. Makes a significant, positive impact on ASPAN, ASPAN Components or a colleague as evidenced through collaboration, esprit de corps in a project, etc. Examples (but not limited to) include: helping a colleague with hands on work of creating a research/EBP project, setting up a study group for certification examination, taking over conference tasks due to an emergency or resignation, being the “go to person” who can answer questions about ASPAN Standards.
  2. Makes a significant contribution to the current work of ASPAN, or ASPAN Component. Examples (but not limited to) include: a committee or SWT member accepting an extra assignment at the last moment, strong commitment in encouraging membership, certification, etc.  
  3. Makes a positive impact on service excellence in the promotion of ASPAN or ASPAN Component in the community or the workplace. Examples (but not limited to) include: organizing PANAW Celebration at workplace, organizing a fundraiser for local charities, working at local health fairs, speaking at community groups on health related topic, speaking to student nurses and promoting ASPAN. 


  • Award recipients are eligible to receive only one ASPAN Above & Beyond award per year. If an individual receives multiple nominations, each approved nomination will be noted on the certificate.
  • Nominations may be made by any ASPAN member.
  • Only nominations for individuals will be accepted (groups or entire committees will not be accepted.)
  • Only online nominations will be accepted.
  • Information required for nomination should include:
    • A description of the nominee's commitment/service to ASPAN or their component using the above criteria.
    • An explanation of how the nominee has performed above and beyond the expected level of performance.
  • Nominations for the 2019 ASPAN Above & Beyond Award must be received by January 10, 2019.
  • You must be a current ASPAN member to submit a nomination, and you must be logged into the Web site first for the online nomination form to recognize you as a current member.


  • All nominees will receive:
    • A certificate
    • Recognition in Breathline
    • Name in Syllabus at National Conference
  • The top 10 nominees selected by a review committee will receive:
    • Recognition by the ASPAN President at National Conference during the Representative Assembly
    • A commemorative pin
    • A Certificate
    • Recognition in Breathline
    • Name on poster at National Conference

2018 Above and Beyond Award Winners

Brooke Antl, MNDAKSPAN
Clara Boudreaux, LAPAN
Crystal Chapman, WVSPAN
Terry Clifford, MESPAN
Donna Constant-Haley, MASPAN

  Pat Legg, FLASPAN
Maureen McLaughlin, MASPAN
Cathy Moynahan, FLASPAN
Jane Reinschmidt, ILSPAN
Colleen Sibel, FLASPAN


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