ASPAN Component Newsletter Contest

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  • Contest is announced and an email consisting of a cover letter, criteria and an entry form is sent to Component Presidents, Vice Presidents and Editors for each Component.
  • Copies of newsletters and entry forms are returned and collected until deadline date.
  • Recent Past Winners are not eligible for the main contest but are eligible for the People’s Choice. For example; if your newsletter won in 2021 you are not eligible for the contests in 2022 or 2023 (two years) but can participate again in 2024. All newsletters can submit for the People’s Choice every year.
  • A panel of judges is selected from the Publications SWT.
  • Judges are given approximately 4 weeks to review the newsletters and return the evaluation form.
  • Newsletters are judged in 3 page categories:
  • Newsletters with 1 – 8 pages
  • Newsletters with 9 – 14 pages
  • Newsletters with 15 or more pages
  • In order for a newsletter to be considered in one of the above categories, ALL pages must contain actual content. A page with a header only intended for attaching a mailing label cannot be counted.
  • Every newsletter submitted for the contest will be displayed online, prior to National Conference, for the People’s Choice Award. Attendees will vote online and submissions will be tallied.
  • Each winner receives a check for $250. In the case of a tie, the prize is split between the winners.
  • After Conference, each component receives a feedback letter along with the evaluation sheets submitted for their newsletter. Please note that there is no feedback for the People’s Choice portion of the contest as this is a popular vote tallied from attendee submissions.