2018 Research/EBP/QI Poster Boards
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2018 Research/EBP/QI Poster Boards
ASPAN's 37th National Conference
April 29 - May 3, 2018, Anaheim, California

Click on the Poster Board# below to view a pdf of the actual Poster Board
(Please note, all presenters DID NOT supply a pdf of their poster board.)

Poster Board #1:  A Randomized Controlled Trial to Compare Pain Medications in Children Undergoing Strabismus Surgery
Poster Board #2:  A Retrospective Chart Review to Explore the Differences in Opioid Naïve and Tolerant Patients

Poster Board #3:  Tonsils With a Tune: A Randomized Control Trial Evaluating the Effects of Music Medicine on Pediatric Adenotonsillectomy Anxiety and Pain

Poster Board #5:  Pre-Operative Warming: Are Warm Cotton Blankets Enough?

Poster Board #9:  Change in Nurses' Confidence in Patient Readiness for Post Anesthesia Discharge After Viewing End Tidal CO2

Poster Board #10:  Improving Education for Pediatric Day Surgery (DSU) Patients

Poster Board #12:  Ensuring Pediatric Competency for Adult PACU Nurses

Poster Board #13:  Pulling Patients From the PACU: The Uphill Push that Became the Effortless Pull

Poster Board #14:  Different Approach to Post-Operative Pain Management: Trans Abdominis Plane (TAP) Blocks

Poster Board #16:  Intraoperative Hypothermia: Effects of Pre-Warming Using Forced-Air Warming in Colorectal Surgery

Poster Board #17:  Eliminating Specimen Labeling Errors in Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) - Phase II

Poster Board #19:  Attacking Surgical Site Infections One Bug At A Time

Poster Board #21:  How Perioperative Leadership Fits Into the Organization’s Episode of Care Model Plan

Poster Board #22:  The Effects of a "PACU Pause" and Perioperative Handoff Protocol in Promoting Safety and Improving Provider Satisfaction

Poster Board #23:  Same Day Surgery Follow-Up Phone Calls - Return on Investment?

Poster Board #24:  Implementation of a Regional Nerve Block Nurse Coordinator to Improve Quality Outcomes

Poster Board #25a:  Patient Engagement Drives Regional Block Education and Outcomes

Poster Board #25b:  Improving Our Quality Safe Culture

Poster Board #26:  Preoperative Education for Peripheral Nerve Blocks in the Ambulatory Surgery Setting

Poster Board #27:  Aromatherapy in the Perianesthesia Areas

Poster Board #29:  Competency, Confidence, Knowledge Retention: Is Simulation the Answer?

Poster Board #30:  Portable X-Ray Radiation Safety Practices in Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Nurses

Poster Board #31:  Adverse Event Debriefing

Poster Board #32:  Developing Family Visitation Guidelines to Enhance the Patients Perioperative Experience

Poster Board #33:  Surgical Services Hair Removal Protocol: To Clip or Not to Clip


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