Research Overview

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ASPAN Research Committee


The ASPAN Research Committee encourages and supports development of a body of scientific knowledge in the field of perianesthesia nursing.


The ASPAN Research Committee will advance perianesthesia nursing research.


In collaboration with ASPAN’s Clinical Practice Committee, Education Committees and Evidence Based Practice SWT, the Research Committee will promote patient care that is guided by research and research methods and will educate the perianesthesia nurses in improving quality patient care.

Core Values

  1. Patient Focus - It is our main purpose to improve the health and well being of perianesthesia patients. It is our responsibility to involve family members and significant others for the purpose of improving research and evidence-based practice.
  2. Perianesthesia Nurse Support – We hold the responsibility to: identify and increase research opportunities for, and involvement of, perianesthesia nurses; and influence perianesthesia nurses to improve patient care through the use of existing research findings and methods.
  3. Growth and Learning – Provide research education through publications and presentations, and active participation in research activities, grants, and consultation with perianesthesia nurses. Strive to influence perianesthesia nurses’ knowledge of research methods to advance nursing science.
  4. Integrity - Adhere to the scientific integrity standards in the conduct of research and in the publication of research findings.