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COVID-19 Toolkit for the Perianesthesia Nurse

ASPAN recognizes that throughout this unprecedented pandemic, conditions in US hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers are rapidly shifting and escalating from standard operations to emergent/extreme/surge operations. The following recommendations are intended to provide guidance to perianesthesia nurses who may be working in these extreme situations. It is TREMENDOUSLY important to remember that the information regarding COVID-19 is constantly changing, new knowledge is constantly being generated – the best advice we can offer you is to stay informed with scientific sources which are provided in the resources.

Strategies for Caring for the Nurse
Donning and Doffing Review
Home Recipes

Strategies for Caring for the Patient
Strategies for Caring for the COVID Positive Patient
Care of the Critically Ill COVID Patient
Sample Critical Care Unit Skills Training Checklist
IV Drip Sheet
COVID Resources

Click here for the entire COVID-19 Toolkit for the Perianesthesia Nurse

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