2022 ASPAN National Conference Handouts

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  • Handouts below are those that were supplied by the speakers.  All speakers DO NOT supply their documents in advance.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

001  ABPANC: Learning How to Write CPAN/CAPA Examination Questions

Friday, April 8, 2022

002  Keynote Address: “Developing a Philosophical Identity”  Handout A • Handout B • Handout C

004  Clinical Practice Questions from the Perianesthesia Setting

005  Polypharmacy and Herbal Medicines

006  Rising Management Strategies for Nurse Leaders Tasked with "Rightsizing"

007  ASPAN Standards Remastered

008  COVID-19: 2022 Science Update

009  Inspiring Nurses to Lead with Heart

010  Education Approver Secrets Unveiled: How Do You Do That Application for Contact Hours?

011  Turn Your Presentation or Poster into a Scholarly Publication

Saturday, April 9, 2022

013  ABPANC Certification/Recertification Insights

101  Perianesthesia Nurses Can Drive a Culture of Safety

102  Vascular Access: INS Standards in the Perianesthesia Setting

103  Waste Anesthetic Gas: What You Don't See May Hurt You

104  Burn Care for Pregnant and Postpartum Women in the PACU

201  Acting Fast When the Diagnosis is Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity (LAST)

202  I'm Still Here - I'm Still a Problem! Malignant Hyperthermia

203  Who's Caring for the Caregiver: The Caring Connection

204  The Role of the Perianesthesia Nurse in Trauma/Emergency Management

301  Benefits of Embedding Policy and Procedures into the EMR

302  Informatics and Legal Consulting: Importance for the Perianesthesia Nurse

303  Challenges of Caring for the Obese Patient in the Perianesthesia Setting

304  Formation of a PACU Fellowship: Growing Our Own Perianesthesia Nurses

401  Staying Hip with the Times: Who Goes Home or Who Stays

402  Bridge the Gap: Retaining the Multigenerational Workforce

403  Implementation of Capnography in the PACU and Postoperative Unit

404  Consents, Documentation and Other Legal Risks in the Perianesthesia Continuum

501  Parasomnias, Sleep and the Impact of Anesthesia

502  Roadtrip! Using a Clinical Inquiry Roadmap to Guide Your Way!

503  Where Does it Fall? Leveling the Literature without Falling Apart!

504  Care of the Neurosurgical Patient: Head to Their Toes

601  Unexpected Perioperative Neurologic Complications

602  Procedural Sedation: Priorities for the Perianesthesia Nurse

603  The Colors of Diversity: Creating a Rainbow

604  Pediatric Trauma: Are You Prepared to Care for this Child in Your PACU

Sunday, April 10, 2022

016  ASPAN Development Breakfast: Leaving a Legacy of Caring

105  Mentorship in the Perianesthesia Setting

106  Discharge Scoring Tools: What Are They All About?

107  Identifying and Managing Critical PACU Situations

108  Managing Regional Anesthesia Patients in the Perianesthesia Environment

205  Opioid Diversion: Do You Know What is Leaving Your Department?

206  Family Care in Perianesthesia Areas

207  The State of the Science: 2021 Perianesthesia Nursing Practice

208  Management of Emergence Delirium Through Simulation Training

305  Call Back in 15 Minutes: Optimizing Handoff to Decrease Length of Stay

306  Preoperative Assessment: Perianesthesia Nurse Navigator

307  Post-Op Urinary Retention in the Total Hip and Knee Patient

308  Recognizing Impairment and Diversion in the PACU Setting

405  Moral Injury and the Perianesthesia Nurse

406  Care of Interventional Radiology Patients: The Growing Specialty

407  Managing Perioperative Endocrine Dysfunction

408  Preoperative Anemia Management

505  COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Staffing, Turnover and Intent to Leave Nursing

506  Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: Why Perianesthesia Involvement is Critical

507  Management of the Opioid Tolerant Patient in the Perianesthesia Setting

508  Holistic Care for the Transgender Patient

605  Fundamentals of Anesthesia for the Perianesthesia Nurse

606  Surviving Sepsis: Tips and Tools for the PACU Nurse

607  Optimization and Prehabilitation: Transforming Preoperative Care

608  Hypothermia in the Perianesthesia Setting


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